Annually, Hydrogen sulfide present in crude oil & gas, cause serious environmental and safety hazards. As a result, H2S scavengers are widely used in hydrocarbon processing facilities to maintain plant worker’s safety and productivity and eliminate their odor emissions.

Schatco has developed AS-700 as an effective hydrogen sulfide scavenger which usually injected into the hydrocarbon stream.

AS-700 can provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional gas/liquid sweetening processes such as amine units or solid dry bed processes to prevent hydrogen sulfide corrosion. It is technically possible to use scavenger to remove high concentrations of H2S and this may be the best choice for a short-term need especially if the capital cost can be minimized through continuous injection.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates safety risks
  • Very low injection rate
  • Suitable for wide pH range.
  • Suitable for wide pH range.

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