Corrosion Inhibitor

Our corrosion inhibitors are categorized to oil soluble and water soluble that used for controlling internal corrosion in oil and gas pipelines, as injection is taken by very low dosage of chemical in the range of 10–1000 parts per million (ppm) in case of the continuous injection mode for 2-phase and 3-phase flow and 1 to 20 vol percent in batch treatment mode. The type and amount of the corrosion inhibitor is associated with the degree of corrosivity of fluids and operational conditions.


We could produce a range of corrosion inhibitors which offer an extremely comprehensive portfolio of corrosion inhibitors suitable for applications to address a wide range of corrosion challenges including:

  • Sweet (CO2) corrosion
  • Sour (H2S) corrosion
  • Organic acids corrosion
  • Galvanic corrosion

Our corrosion inhibitor product range comprises the following types:



AS-6090 is an oil soluble corrosion inhibitor for sour and sweet condition. This product provides a tenacious corrosion inhibitor film that is effective in the presence of both CO2 and H2S that use for continuous and batch injection applications.



AS-6040 is a water-soluble, film-forming corrosion inhibitor for use in two or three phase systems. The inhibitor physically and chemically absorbs on metal to help protect it from hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide corrosion in elevated temperature and pressure. The product has been developed based on a combination of operational experience and in-house laboratory evaluations. The product is highly effective for sour gas flow lines and downhole applications. It is completely soluble in water and dispersible in oil and compatible with most amides, salts of mono and di-carboxylic acids, mono-ethylene glycol and methanol.