Vakkor Business Unit

VAKKOR international trading business unit of Schatco GmbH operates fully-integrated international business to enhance the expansion and the trading base to all regions of the world to covers procurement, import, export and international trade in several products including crude oil, condensate, LPG, petroleum and petrochemical products, chemical solvents and other commodities.

Also, with an effective risk control management and international chartering, VAKKOR business unit is managing business transactions around the world, under the best practices adopted by leading international trading houses. Meanwhile, we also utilize information technology system for transactions to enable quick, transparent, and efficient control.

VAKKOR fulfills the role in securing crude oil and condensate to serve demand of the refineries and extensive international productions with price and quality in line with international energy consumption.

We have continuously developed worldwide trading expansion to strengthen crude oil and condensate trading base in international markets. With subsidiaries and representative offices in commercial hubs around the world, we are among major regional players of crude oil and condensate with far-reaching trading network and business alliances around the globe including Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and America.

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