Specialized Diesel Transmission Oils, GL – S PLUS DST Products are four-season transmission fluids designed for use in gearboxes, differentials and drum finishes recommended by automakers that require hypoid lubrication.

Gl – S PLUS DST products meet the needs of manufacturers of heavy and semi-heavy vehicles, especially buses, trucks and vans, as well as the needs of ZF for use in a wide range of heavy activities in a specialized way.

Features and Benefits

  • Providing maximum protection for gearboxes and differentials that operate in severe conditions
  • Ensures maximum protection against impact breakage and wear of ribs in harsh conditions and high loads and absorbs heavy shock loads
  • Thermal stability and optimal oxidation
  • Corrosion resistant of copper alloys and ferrous and steel metals
  • Prevents the formation of harmful deposits and thickening of the oil
  • Anti-friction and unchanged in lubrication properties and viscosity structure
  • Capable of operating in a wide temperature range

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