DST-10W40 CJ4



DST-10W40 CJ4 is a product for gearbox oil and diesel engine with extremely high efficiency, which is based on a combination of synthetic base oils with high quality and viscosity index and the latest additives for cars and diesels designed with similar requirements.

DST-10W40 CJ4 with special EP additives, as a product with special capabilities is used in all heavy engines and Isuzu gearboxes. This product is also used in all heavy engines, turbochargers and road superchargers for which 10W40 oil can be recommended.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties based on modern technology
  • Excellent thermal stability and resistance to oxidation and sludge formation
  • High cleanliness with full compatibility with seals
  • Excellent fluidity and ease of flow In very cold weather
  • Reduce fuel consumption due to proper lubrication of the engine at low temperatures
  • Compatible with advanced technologies of diesel engines
  • Optimal performance in a wide temperature range and reduce maintenance costs
  • Contains EP additives for stability and load bearing at high working pressures

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