Corrosion inhibitors are chemical products that reduce the rate of corrosion in water or any fluids. They act as anodic, cathodic, film-forming and oxygen-absorbing agents. The chemical properties of water and physical conditions such as temperature and flow velocity affect the performance of corrosion inhibitors. Schatco produces products in this field with the names of CORROGUARD2010, CORROGUARD2020, CORROGUARD6030, CORROGUARD-6040, CORROGUARD-6050, CORROGUARD-6060.



This product contains a mixture of amines that is used to prevent corrosion of condensate lines.



This product contains a mixture of amines, These amines play two roles of acid neutralizing as well as forming a protective film against oxygen and corrosive agents and used in condensate lines.


This product controls the corrosion of various types of copper alloys in cooling systems.



This product is a corrosion controller for all types of steels in cooling systems in which soft water or distilled water is used as the heat transfer medium. This product prevents three types of corrosion in this type of high-power systems by using four mechanisms.


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