The accumulation of scale can reduce flow rates, now a days effective corrosion and scale inhibitors are also important for the environment. The stone produces scale and corrosion inhibitors for water treatment solutions.

This product has the material codes such as SKL-GR701 SKL-GR735 SKL-GR734, SKL-GR724, SKL-GR723, SKL-GR713, SKL-SKL-GR218, SKL-GR757, SKL-GR756, SKL-GR746, SKL-GR702, SKL-GB201, SKL-GR310, SKL-GR745 that are based on organic materials such as phosphonates, polymers and other effective compounds that are designed for multiple functions and keep the heat transfer surfaces clean and thus increase the efficiency of the cooling system. Its unique composition prevents corrosion of steel types or prevents the corrosion of equipment by forming adhesive protective layers on the surface of steel, copper and its alloys and also keeps suspended particles.

Features and Benefits

  • Very high inhibition for calcium carbonate deposition
  • Very high inhibition for calcium sulfate deposition
  • High dispersion for suspended particles
  • High anti-corrosion strength of all types of steel and copper alloys
  • Can be used in cooling towers

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