TERMINATOR shortstopper offers a safer and less toxic solution for polymerization control than other products in the market today. Processes involving both peroxyester and peroxydicarbonates to produce PVC function well with TERMINATOR from 50ppm-150ppm. In this concentration, TERMINATOR can improve whiteness of finished resins. At much higher concentrations, TERMINATOR is an outstanding reaction killer, even in circumstances where continuous reactor stirring or agitation has failed. At 5000-6000 ppm, a runaway PVC reaction can be stopped in 30 seconds.

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid termination for general shortstopping
  • Can be used as an emergency killer
  • Does not require additional solvents
  • No carryover with recycled VCM
  • Easily handled liquid
  • When changing to TERMINATOR, no additional plant modifications or costs