Tashox C11



Tert.Butylperoxybenzoate, [<= 50% with inert inorganic solid] is a clear, colorless to slightly yellow liquid with a mild, aromatic odor. It is effective as a medium temperature initiator for the polymerization and/or cross-linking of methyl methacrylate, acrylonitrile, isoprene, styrene, and butadiene. Low-density polyethylene of excellent mechanical properties is obtained when using this peroxide as an initiator. This peroxide is also used in various organic syntheses involving coupling reactions of olefins and paraffinic compounds as well as phenolic derivatives.

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CAS number                      614-45-9

Chemical name                Tert.Butylperoxybenzoate

Abbreviation                     TBPB

1 hour half-life temperature in trichloroethylene: 122 °C

Available physical form:

98% liquid-75% solution in dibutylphthalate, 75% solution in isododecane, 50% solution in dimethylphthalate,


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