Octane number is a gasoline rating that indicates how much fuel can be compressed for smooth combustion of the fuel in the cylinder. High-performance, high-compression engines often require higher octane fuel than normal passenger’s cars. If the gasoline used does not have a sufficiently high Research Octane Number (RON), the mixture burns non-uniformly resulting in knocking of engine.

Usage of OCTANE BOOSTER as a gasoline blending component increases the RON of the base fuel; enabling Refiners to maximize gasoline production and upgrade low value streams.

Features and Benefits

  • Improves gasoline research octane number effectively by 5-6 units at recommended dosages.
  • Free from poisonous metal components like lead, manganese, etc. It also does not contain any ethers and is completely organic.
  • Does not alter physical properties of MS fuel e.g., RVP, Distillation, Recovery, Benzene content, etc.
  • Ensures conservation of fuel/ energy and reduction in environmental pollution by minimizing presence of unburnt hydrocarbon in engine exhaust.
  • Good stability and shelf-life.

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