The world’s practice analysis accumulated in purification of natural and process gases treatment from acidic impurities, including H2S, CO2, CS2, mercaptans, indicates that main process for treating large gas flows is the use of a chemical and physical absorbents and combinations thereof. Since our Company is a manufacturer of these absorbents, and that allows it to dominate among supplies of absorbents to conditioning (purification) natural and process gas from acidic impurities and to prepare for natural gas liquefaction.

MDEA became important in the gas treating market in recent years due to the fact that MDEA which is tertiary amine shows high selectivity for H2S over CO2 in gas streams containing both gases. MDEA solutions have the highest loading compared to any primary or secondary amine, which makes their circulation rate the lowest. MDEA has the lowest heat requirements for regeneration as it has the lowest heats of reaction with H2S and CO2. Beside this it has the lowest specific heat solvent losses and a low the freezing point (about − 32°C).