The object of the present invention is to overcome the current use of temporary blocking agent is present in granular injection is difficult, less selective, usage restrictions, temporarily blocking the effect is not very ideal situation, make temporary blocking agent can be relatively easy access to Large pores or cracks produced water wetting the aqueous phase, the use of permeable oil reservoir water salinity conditions generally higher, so that was injected into the temporary blocking agent can easily react with water to produce oil flow able gel is difficult, so prevent and limit the subsequent acidification of the liquid continues to flow along the large pore channel seepage, to change the direction of flow into the acid into the clogged pore permeability; in addition, if a subsequent injection of acid continues to have temporary plugging along already existing liquid The large pore flow into temporary blocking liquid will react with the acid can also generate liquid flow able gel is difficult to change the direction of flow into the acid, and finally to make the acid into the target layer effectively blocked relieve congestion, recovery and increase oil production.


In the working solution by adding 3 to 5% temporary blocking agent.