Membrane cleaning chemicals are highly effective for removing the scale membranes. Quality of the cleaning chemicals are more important to the result of membrane cleaning.

Schatco membrane cleaning products are ROCL-4218, ROCL-4220, ROCL-4240 and ROCL-4260. There are acidic descaling agent, an alkaline descaling agent and a neutral descaling agent based on an anionic surfactant in these products that have the ability to dissolve and remove calcium carbonate deposits and iron oxide / hydroxide particles from the surface of reverse osmosis membranes. By combining ROCL-4240 with ROCL-4260, a very powerful formulation can be achieved to simultaneously remove many sediments and suspended particles as well as microorganisms.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with reverse osmosis membrane
  • High concentration of active and effective substances
  • Complete solubility in water and easy to use because they are liquid

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