Flocculants are polymers that used for converting destabilised particles to larger more stable solids. These products promote the process of flocculation by formation of weak bonds. polymerization process can lead to the achievement of appropriate molecular mass distribution in this product and therefore there are various applications, especially for water treatment processes, process water recovery and wastewater treatment processes. Schatco produces POLYNOXA-2540, POLYNOX-A2541, POLYNOX-A2542, POLYNOX-A2543, POLYNOXA-2544, POLYNOX-A2545, POLYNOX-A2550, POLYNOX-C2560, POLYNOXC-2570, POLYNOX-C2571, POLYNOX-C2572, POLYNOX-C2573, POLYNOXC-2574 and POLYNOX-C2575 which are anionic and cationic polyacrylamides with a very high molecular weight and medium ionic load. They are  used as flocculants in sludge dewatering, filtration process and sludge thickening, clarification and sugar and paper industries and in various mines, including zinc, copper, and coal.

Features and Benefits

  • Very high efficiency
  • Rapid solubility in water
  • High shelf life
  • High speed performance

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