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We help clients to improve productivity and minimize cost in order to deliver sustainable growth and navigate the energy transition. By decreasing demand and low prices in oil and gas industry, many co-operates have gone through an especially tough past few years. Efficiency improvements are the beginning to bear fruit for the industry, as we witness the green shoots of a business recovery in the sector.

Schatco presents modern industry expertise across the entire value chain, as well as functional capabilities to advise international and national oil and gas companies. These strengths combined with our global footprint where allow us to facilitate industries to grow and navigate the challenges in a rapidly evolving market. We associate with our clients to build up their strategies, progress their operations and financial performances, plus optimize their portfolio.

Industries we Serve

As industries rapidly transform, we support our clients to navigate these shifts by granting them the tools needed to survive and thrive. At Schatco, our industry foresight and knowledge is grounded in the identification of key issues that our clients face as well as firsthand experience gained from serving clients throughout past years.

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